Polish Promotion Programme for Business in Ireland

The object of the program will be a series of meetings, events and projects organized by members of the Polish community in Ireland

  • Features:
  1. Integration (in business and banking in Ireland)
  2. The Information (the aim of this function is the fastest and most convenient access to information related to the Polish Business in Ireland)
  3. Promotion (advertising Polish Business in Ireland among Poles and Irish)
  • The scale of services:
  1. Building a website with a large database of Polish entrepreneurs in Ireland
  2. Networking or building a network of contacts necessary to develop your company
  3. Advertising companies through the media, business handbook and internet
  4. Promotion to the arrangement of the Fair Business email ) offer training for Companies and their employees in the English language, creating websites, services, or conduct of its tax accounting, the completed FETAC Certificate
  • Objectives:
  1. Promotion of Polish products, services and lifestyle
  2. The creation of the mutual cooperation

Our plan is to have access to information and culture, and creating space for Poles. At the moment we are working on the creation of Polish Business Group and a database of network contacts.

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